Annual and Life memberships are available to all active, separated and retired commissioned and warrant officers of the National Guard. Enlisted guardsmen, guard family members and supporters are encouraged to join NVNGA as Associated Members.

Your Member benefits for individuals include: 

  • Representation on Capitol Hill fighting for your benefits

  • Access to exclusive professional development opportunities

  • Opportunities to apply for scholarships

  • Insurance supplements designed for members of the National Guard

  • A monthly subscription to National Guard magazine

  • Exclusive access to articles and legislative analysis

  • Fellowship through social functions, benefit programs, and other activities for NVNGA members and their families

NVNGA members serve as leaders on many national task forces and committees. Because the Nevada Army and Air National Guard have such varied mission sets and weapons systems, we have a seat at the table providing input across the spectrum of defense policy and issues. 


Annual, State & National Dues


Find your Nevada National Guard Association annual, state and national dues below.
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Pay Grade            State        NGAUS        Total

Retired - Life         $50                 $125                $175

Active - Life           $350               $1000            $1350

Digital Life              $500**           $500*            $500**

O-1                               $20                 $30                 $50

O-2                              $21                  $45                 $66

O-3                              $22                 $59                 $81

O-4                              $25                 $72                 $97

O-5                              $30                 $85                 $115

O-6                              $35                 $108               $143

O-7                              $42                 $123               $165

O-8                              $67                 $139               $206

WO-1                          $20                 $26                 $46

CW-2                         $21                   $35                 $56

CW-3                         $23                  $46                 $69

CW-4                         $25                  $59                 $84

CW-5                         $27                  $73                  $100

*Sign up before 31 March 2022 and receive 1/2 off and lifetime membership to NNGA as well.

**State that the state fees remain the same per year unless otherwise stated.

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